​​Dr. J Island Music

Praise for Dr. J's first album, The Keys to the Bay:

"The Keys to the Bay takes you on a trip to the islands. Well crafted, clever songs about island life." - Denny King, host of Island Time, winner of the 2014 Trop Rock Show of the Year in Key  West

"A must have for every serious student of trop rock music!"

- Mike Sullivan, Director of Music for the Traverse City Film Fest

Dr. J's first album, "The Keys to the Bay," was self-released in 2015 and his second album, "Salt in My Soul," was self-released in 2017. Dr. J's music is island-themed Americana, combining elements of rock, country, pop, and blues with clever lyrics and good-time story-telling that capture the laid-back, good-time feel of life on the beach, the boat, and the water. Click the links below to preview:

Salt in My Soul - Break Out the Blender - All the ColorsTiki Bar Girl - Gonna Buy a Boat